Vikki Harris, Ofsted registered childminder in Woolton, Liverpool

Hello – my name is Vikki Harris and I am an Ofsted registered childminder (my Ofsted number is EY475874). I live in Woolton with my two daughters and my partner, Dave. We also have two dogs, Hulk and Sally.

I offer a wide range of fun activities for the children, which will help their early skills to develop whilst enjoying themselves. I also provide nutritious homemade meals and healthy snacks.

I have completed the following training courses required in order to become a registered childminder:

I plan activities around the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS), to help progress in each area of development and learning. I rotate the indoor toys around regularly so the children get access to many different toys and always have some of the (current) regular favourites available for free play time. Craft/creative activities are a regularly undertaken, and both craft and drawing materials will be always available for any free play time or at the children’s request. Other activities and outings will be done bearing the weather, children’s current interests and what we are currently learning about in mind. For more information, please take a look at our Activities section.

I try to post in the website Blog, usually showing the different activities I do with the children, or maybe some ideas that you could take and use yourself.

Our Home

Our home is a three bedroom town house in Woolton, Liverpool. Take a look on the google map at the bottom of the page? We have a play room specifically for the children to have fun and learn in. We also have a yard and a garden that has many things to do including growing vegetables, a sandpit, water table, trikes and scooters. You can see photos of these main rooms below.