Autumn Crafts and Activities

Posted on Oct 4, 2016 in Crafts, Just For Fun
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It has been a lovely, colourful start to Autumn outside and we have been doing lots of Autumn crafts and activities. We have been on walks and collected many things which are falling from the trees: leaves, conkers, pinecones, acorns, chestnuts and sticks and made a display of things we have found in the playroom.

We have then used some of these items in our crafts and activities. We used some leaves to make animal pictures, adding googly eyes and drawing on mouths and legs. We used the pinecones to make bird feeders by mixing some bird seed with some lard and squashing it into the gaps in the pinecones. We then hung some pinecones outside the playroom window so we could see when the birds came to eat from them. We used the single hole punch to make holes in some leaves and then used wool to thread through the holes which looked lovely.

One day we had a very successful nature hunt, finding loads of different types of nature items, and tipped everything we found onto the tuff tray when we got in. Then we grouped things together by type and then size (we found some really big leaves which were great for this) and talked about how the different items felt different in our hands. The chestnut shell was very spikey and we had to be careful when touching these, but the conkers were lovely and smooth. Some of the leaves were also smooth and some were a bit more rough to touch. We found some acorns still in their cups, and the cups looked like they would be spikey but when we felt them they were actually quite soft.

Another activity we did was to make some little incy wincy spiders from egg cartons, using little twigs for the legs, and then making the spiders a web to hang from using a larger stick.

The children have loved to use things they collect in their activities and crafts :o)