Autumn Trees

Posted on Sep 27, 2016 in Crafts
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We have been looking at all the changes happening to the trees now we are well in to Autumn, and today we did a lovely craft making pictures of Autumn Trees. First of all we drew round our hands/arms on brown paper. All the children love drawing round their hands so its always fun to do, especially because “it tickles!”. I cut out the hands, and the children used lots of glue to stick their hand/tree trunk onto a piece of card in the colour of their choice.
We added a lovely little few lines I had seen used on another craft on Pinterest, it says “Autumn leaves are falling down, red, orange, green and brown.” We read this together and then the children stuck this onto their card.
Finally we added stickers in all the lovely colours and shapes that we have been seeing recently. This was also a great time for the younger ones to continue learning their colours.
The children really enjoyed taking their time and care to stick their stickers on and the result was some great Autumn pictures.