Autumn and Harvest Tuff Tray

Posted on Nov 13, 2017 in Just For Fun
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This week the children had a wonderful time exploring our Autumn and Harvest themed tuff tray. On the tray we had a pumpkin, some pinecones, pine needles and leaves (which we collected in the park last week), some laminated leaves, orange lentils and some vegetables from the kitchen box. The children were very quick to start exploring all the items.
First we looked at the different sizes of the items; from the tiny lentils to the very big pumpkin. Then we looked at the shape of the items; the pine needles were very long and thin, the leaves were thin but flat, the pine cones were round and spikey but the pumpkin was round and smooth. We also found that we could make some good sounds with the different items, pouring the lentils over pinecones made a noise that sounded like rain (they loved doing this) and the leaves made a crackly sound as they had dried out a little. After exploring the items for a while the children wanted the little bowls out so they could fill them with lentils to pour over the pinecones :o)