Bubble Wrap Shaving Foam Sensory Fun

Posted on Sep 12, 2014 in Just For Fun
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Today we had some bubble wrap shaving foam sensory fun. We have done shaving foam marbling before which was lots of fun, but not the easiest activity for little hands I found. However, since the shaving foam is so much fun, today we had sensory play with shaving foam on big pieces of bubble wrap which I sellotaped to the table. After starting to move the shaving foam round with hands, I added some paint. We used yellow and blue which got mixed together to make green. I provided spoons and rolling pins to assist with the squishing and spreading of the foam and paint. We did do a few prints with paper to make some pictures, but this wasn’t the main focus of the activity this time. The bubble wrap was good for adding a different texture to the activity and also useful for keeping the table clean