Busy Hands….

Posted on Jul 9, 2014 in Just For Fun
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Today J has had very busy hands. First I set up an activity I had seen on a blog, posting straws through a colander (they end up stuck up like hair). Our drinking straws were too big for our colander so we used the mini craft straws instead, and she just posted them through. The colander was turned upside down at first, then she turned it over for a better view of the straws coming out the other side. Then she went on the hunt for more things to post and found the pipe cleaners, which worked really well.

Later on she started her own activity, I found her with a hair brush and a pile of loom bands, and she was putting the bands over the bristles and round the handle. This came out with us to the park where she found a good stick and started moving the bands from the hairbrush to the stick – hours of fun 🙂