Celebrating Chinese New Year

Posted on Jan 31, 2017 in Just For Fun
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This year we did a few activities to celebrate and learn about Chinese New Year. We had a Chinese New Year themed tuff tray with lots of pots for the children to fill and empty with rice. They spent ages filling up the pots, pouring the rice into a different pot and emptying the pot altogether. There were some chopsticks, the children tried to pick the rice up with the chopsticks which was quite tricky as the rice was uncooked so the chopsticks got used more for stirring the rice in the pots. We had some little red envelopes and gold coins, Chinese numbers on a card and some fans. The children loved playing with all of these, putting the coins (and rice) into the envelopes, fanning themselves with the fans and looking at the numbers. We also read a lovely book called Dragon Dance which helped us to learn how children celebrate Chinese New Year. Then while we had lunch we listened to some lovely, relaxing traditional Chinese music and later on we made some Chinese paper lanterns.