Chicken Dippers

Posted on Aug 7, 2015 in Baking
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Today the children wanted to make something new for lunch, they had a good look in the cookery books and decided on chicken dippers and potato wedges. First they made the marinade for the chicken so it could soak while we got everything else ready. They measured and poured the ingredients into the bowl and added the strips of chicken. Then they started on the wedges – I cut some small potatoes into wedge shapes and they poured a little oil on them and stirred them round. When the chicken was ready I lined up three plates on the worktop – one for flour, one for the egg and one for the crunchy coating. The children then took a piece of chicken and dipped it onto each plate until the result was a bit like a chicken nugget. Then after a good handwash, we popped everything into the oven and cut up some cucumber and tomatoes. The children were really happy to have made something a bit different for lunch and it was all very tasty :o)