Christmas Crafts – Part I

Posted on Dec 5, 2014 in Crafts, Just For Fun
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I have no doubt this will be the first of many Christmas craft related posts this year, because there’s so many to do, we need to start early so we can get as many in as possible (though I did make sure we waited until 1st December to start them)!

This week we started with some card-strip Christmas tree decorations. For this I cut out triangles of card, and then cut up some old Christmas cards of different lengths, and the children stuck them on with the length of the card strip roughly fitting onto the corresponding part of the triangle. The children also wanted to add some glitter (obviously)! When the glue was dry I used a hole punch to make a hole for the hanger to go through, we used pipe cleaners which held them quite still on the tree.

We also started to stick the decorations onto our Christmas tree advent calendars, a large tree shape with numbers 1-24 on and the children have to find the correct number and stick a decoration on each day, so by the time its Christmas day the tree will be fully decorated :o)

The last Christmas craft we have done this week is our Santa handprint cards. I found lots of these on Pinterest and thought they would be so cute, which they are, and the children love any excuse to paint their hands!