Circle Themed Painting

Posted on Aug 19, 2014 in Painting
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A couple of days ago we did some circle themed painting. I found some suitable circular objects the girls could use for printing circles with paint, and set them out with some paint in wide trays on the table. The objects were: duplo blocks, toilet rolls, plastic cups (and later on drinking straws as Amber needed something to do eyes on her circle lady). Amber started with the lego, she did some prints and then started to find that putting too much paint on made it more difficult to do a print: a) because it makes the blocks much more slippery and likely to smudge when you press down and b) because the holes in the duplo get full of paint! She adapted the picture and used the side of the block instead.

She then used the toilet roll and cup to make a circle lady, and found a straw to help with the eyes, nose, mouth and arms. Jess did some printing with all the circle types, she did one picture of duplo prints and one using the toilet roll and cup. The toilet roll seemed to be the easiest for her to use as it was the perfect size for her hands and was the least likely to smudge when pressing down.