Digging and Bug Hunting

Posted on Sep 29, 2014 in Gardening
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The veggie patch has become a bit overgrown since the veggies have now finished so we did a little digging today, and some bug hunting at the same time. The soil was quite hard so I had to loosen it up a bit first, then we pulled up some of the weeds, and raked the soil. Once we had filled wheelbarrow and bucket we emptied the weeds into the compost bin, and had a look at the compost at the bottom of the bin, which has been there for a while now. We saw a big difference between the contents in the top of the bin which is still mostly green and the contents in the bottom of the bin which are brown and more soil-like. During the digging we found worms, slugs, a spider and some snails and we tried to move as many of the insects as we could out of the way so we didn’t hurt them.