Dinosaur Sensory Box

Posted on Nov 21, 2014 in Just For Fun
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The children really get excited about things in boxes! I’ve tried a few things now and each one has captured their attention. This time it was the dinosaur sensory box. It came out a few times this week so that all the children could have a look and enjoy it. In the box we had little seeds which were great for picking up in handfuls and letting them run through our fingers and they made a lovely sounds when you poured them onto the pinecones. The children also enjoyed filling up the stacking cups with holes in the bottom with the seeds and letting the seeds pour through the little holes. There was also some pinecones (trees), onion skin (other kinds of plants), some rocks, and of course – the dinosaurs! They stomped around the box, some of them ate the seeds whilst others were intent on creating mayhem with the trees!