Finger Painting

Posted on Aug 19, 2014 in Painting
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We have been having a look through the craft and activity books this morning and finger painting came up as something the girls wanted to. We have a book called “Creative Hand Art”, which has ideas for hand/finger drawings and paintings. I gave the girls a few different colours each, and some A5 sized paper. At first they just did some random finger and hand prints, then the pictures started to turn into more real life things, like flowers and caterpillars.

Both girls then decided they wanted to do a sunflower, which was shown in the book. Amber drew the middle of the flower in crayon first and then did finger prints for the petals and an along the finger print for the stem. She also did some leaves and some bees. Jess used the paint brush to do the middle of the flower and her fingers for the petals, the paint brush for the stem/flowers and her fingers again for the bees.