Flower Printing

Posted on Sep 11, 2014 in Painting
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J enjoys using new things to paint with as well as a paintbrush, so today I gave her some flowers I was about to throw out to do some flower printing. Even before starting to paint, she was off round the garden to see what else she could find, which included some windfall apples (which I cut in half) and various other flowers and stems. She started with a flower, which made what looked like firework shapes on the paper once dipped in paint. Then she tried the apple and some of the other flowers. Her favourite thing though was to dip a tiny bulb type flower (no idea what it’s called) and do tiny little prints with them or get a bunch of them and twirl them around on the paper. The last thing she used which was also lots of fun was a stem with little stems coming off it, which she waved all over the page