Gloopy gloop!

Posted on Feb 26, 2016 in Just For Fun
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Sometimes we start doing an activity and I wonder why we have never done it before, and that’s what happened this morning with the gloopy gloop. It was so much fun!!! The children made it up themselves, measuring out one cup of cornflour and mixing it with half a cup of water, and then started mixing to make the gloop. We tried adding food colouring but it didn’t work very well and they weren’t bothered at all.
The gloop is such a great consistency, it’s almost solid one second, then almost a liquid the next, and it kind of melts when you hold it. We tried making bouncy balls but you had to be so quick and careful before it started melting. Then we poured the gloopy gloop out onto the tray and made up a little song about gloopy gloop being so gloopy! Then there came a great idea by one of the children to try and make a handprint in the gloop (it took me about 6 attempts to get that picture!), which was very tricky indeed as you have to be super super fast to see it! Lastly we drew all the gloop together to make a massive gloopy gloop pancake. We even had a great time scraping it all up to put it away when we had finally had enough of the gloop. I think we will definitely be doing this again very soon.

(Also – it looks very messy on the pictures but it is soooo easy to clean up and wash off hands, clothes etc. You can even leave it to dry in the tray overnight and just hoover it up in the morning)