Life-Size People Pictures

Posted on May 12, 2014 in Crafts, Painting
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Today we had loads of fun drawing life-size people! The big girls drew around each other, and Jess and I drew around each other (Jess needed a little help). We used wall lining paper which is much thicker (and cheaper if you get the value kind) than the normal rolls of kids drawing paper. The girls then used a variety of materials to fill in the people. They used small pieces of material to do a collage, crayons, watercolours, normal paints and even some cotton wool. Jess seemed to get a bit fed up and wanted to finish hers off another day, I thought afterwards maybe it would’ve been better to cut her person out, so the task of colouring in didn’t seem as big….. But the big girls spent a long time on theirs, and their people are now displayed in their bedroom!