Light Table

Posted on Feb 8, 2017 in Just For Fun
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One of our ongoing activities which we have had out this week is the Light Table. I placed it in our cozy corner with a basket of things the children could put on it. We have some wooden blocks with colourful insides and the light on the light table came through them lovely, making the colours really stand out. Some of the children played making patterns with the blocks, some of the children matched all the blocks of the same colour together and some made little pictures with the blocks. The children also got some of the sensory bottles to go on the light table, the blue glitter bottle and the shiny bottles looked really good. Later on they got some of the animal figures and added them to the table, making a light table Zoo.

I have left the light table out for the children so they can play with it anytime and am constantly keeping a look out for things I think would be good to play with on it.