Liverpool World Museum

Posted on Jan 5, 2015 in Outings
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Today we had a great trip to the Liverpool World Museum. The snake section was a big hit, after some initial resistance by some to go into the room for fear of there actually being snakes loose in there! Once I assured them there would be no snakes sliding about we went in and had a look. There were lots of models and pictures to look at, some models to touch and some flaps to lift. There was also a great floor game where pictures of snakes popped into view and the children had to jump on them to get rid of them.

The bug room was next, my favourite bit in here is the leaf-cutter ants, who walk across the suspended rope to the leaves, to break some off and carry their food back to the other side where their nest is. The children were also fascinated by them and we watched them for a while so we could see each stage of the ants journey.

After the bug room is the exploring room, where the children can touch and feel things from the sea, rocks, bones, wood and other different naturally occurring items. The girls were mesmerised by a replica of a T-rex claw, and couldn’t get their heads around how big the rest of the dinosaur must’ve been (neither could I for that matter).

Next we had a walk round the Ancient World room and looked at jewellry, pottery, tools and weapons from different periods in time. There was also a good display where the children could feel different textures of different types of rocks and minerals which have been used by people over time.

The last two floors of the museum are the dinosaur and space floors. The dinosaur room is good for getting an idea of the size that some of the dinosaurs were, and the children loved the huge telescope in the space room.