Mini Apple Scones

Posted on Sep 9, 2014 in Baking
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Today we made apple scones, well they turned out to be mini apple scones as I found a smaller cutter and I thought it would make better sized scones for the children. Using apples in the scones pleased J as she loves to peel…well anything really…apples, carrots, potatoes etc. She peeled the apples and I cut them up and started them cooking in some butter while she sieved the flour and cinnamon into the bowl. She then added the butter and rubbed it into the flour with her fingers. Then to add the apples, egg and some milk and bring the mixture together. I sprinkled some flour on the table and she spread it out with her fingers, rolled the mixture out to the right thickness and started to cut the scone shapes out. Once cut she put the scones onto a baking sheet which I had lined with baking paper. Then into the oven to cook and then out again for a yummy treat after lunch!