Painting Noodles

Posted on Feb 10, 2015 in Just For Fun, Painting
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As wonderful as it is to paint lovely pictures, sometimes just painting something without an end result is just as much fun. That’s what the children had today painting noodles. I cooked some noodles and when they were cool, put them into our water table (lined with newspaper for an easy clean-up) and got the paint ready. We used red and yellow paint, the colours on the flag of China, and the children started painting. At first they used the paintbrushes, then they began to pick the noodles up and spread the paint round by moving the noodles around as well. They had such a good time and sensory experience moving all the noodles around with their hands. They learned about mixing the red and yellow together making orange, though they asked for more red paint which ended up over-powering the orange, but never mind. In the end I don’t think their was a noodle left without paint on!