Paper Plate Pictures and Mandalas

Posted on Jul 30, 2014 in Crafts
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This afternoon I asked if the girls would like to make a paper plate mandala. After trying to explain what a mandala is and then googling it and showing them some pictures they set to work ( – this is a good description but the google images were better at explaining to the kids).

So we got all sorts of materials out, buttons were a favourite today but we also got sparkles, glitter, shells (proved a bit too tricky to glue on in the end), beads and cut-up pieces of drinking straws. Amber started with a layer of buttons round the outside and then had a elephant bead in the middle. She finished that one as I think she got an idea for a different picture half-way through.

Jess started with a button in the middle then did a layer of sparkles with some more buttons and then the glitter took over :o)

A’s second go was a paper plate picture using buttons rather than a mandala, some lovely flowers on grass. J’s was more buttons and more glitter.

I thought these would be nice hung up on the wall with some wool in the dining room. The next day whilst painting, A decided to use the stamps and paint to make another mandala.