Parrot Dress Up

Posted on Jul 26, 2014 in Crafts, Just For Fun
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Bedtimes at the moment are often filled with tears from Jess, as she’s on the go all day and is very tired but won’t often have a nap anymore. So to try and ease the tears on Thursday I had started talking about dressing up as a pirate the next day, this helped the tears. Amber decided she would be the parrot in the situation and by 8 o’clock the next morning Jess also wanted to be a parrot and we were busy making the costumes for a full parrot dress up!

For the wings the girls drew 2 wing shapes on pieces of cardboard, and I helped cut them out, as cardboard can be tricky. I then gave them the choice of painting the wings or using fabric to cover them. Jess chose paint (any excuse to get the paints out) and Amber chose the fabric (more like real feathers she said). Luckily we have an abundance of old t-shirts and amongst them, a red one, a blue one and a yellow one – the colours Amber needed.

I got an encyclopedia of animals out and turned to the Parrots page for some added inspiration as the girls worked away painting and cutting and gluing.

For the beaks/eyes I cut out two ‘holes’ and one pointy bit of the bottom of an egg box (each – again, a bit tricky for the girls to cut out) and used some elastic to hold them in place. The beak part needed to be black (according to Amber) so we covered them with some black fabric. To hold the wings in place, once they were dry I stapled some elastic straps for the girls arms to go through.

The girls were also dressed in red and had a yellow patch lightly stitched (by me) onto their tummies. Once the outfits were on there was much squawking and flapping round the garden. They also started building a nest but it became too prickly so used a blanket instead :o)