Posted on Jul 26, 2014 in Gardening
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Growing veggies with the children is great, planting is a fun activity, looking after them as they grow encourages some responsibility and it teaches them about what it takes to grow the food they eat, which I think is very important. It also requires patience from the child! Since we planted our potatoes a couple of months ago, every time we go near the veggie patch Jess has asked if we can dig them up yet, so she was delighted when the time finally came.

We had grown them in bags as I always seem to miss some when they go straight in the soil and then new plants pop up in the middle of whatever we’re growing the next year which can be annoying. So it was easy enough to tip everything out of the bag into the hole and let Jess dig her way through with her hands and spade to fish them all out. They came in many different sizes and there weren’t quite as many of them as you would think – but it was well worth it, and they tasted lovely.