Potion Making

Posted on Aug 24, 2016 in Just For Fun
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Yesterday we visited Quarry Bank Mill (a National Trust site in Wilmslow) and had a really lovely day out. While we were there the children met a Garden Philosopher who helped them look to for colours in the nature around them and they made a potion together with all the colourful things they found. The children loved this so much that we decided to carry on the theme today and we had another go at potion making. I gave the children a jar each and they scampered off to collect things from round the garden. This was mostly collecting things which had already fallen off a tree or plant rather than picking things. They found lots of different shaped leaves in different colours, sticks, mini pinecones, grass and berries. They brought their ingredients back to their jar and ran off to find more things, trying to find as many colours as possible. When they decided they had all the ingredients they needed, they added some water, a couple of ‘magic beans’ and gave the potions a stir with a stick. They decided to add a pinecone lid and then left the potions to let the magic brew :o)