Pretend Snow

Posted on Jan 22, 2015 in Just For Fun, Toys
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Last week I made some pretend snow and we have had it out to play with a few times over the past couple of weeks. I have had this activity in mind for a while now and couldn’t wait to see what the children would think of it. It is basically cornflour, vegetable oil and glitter. I don’t think the quantities of each matter that much, I used most of a pack of cornflour and just added and mixed in the oil gradually until it felt ready, which was when it would stick together (a bit like moonsand) but still crumbled when pressed hard. It probably would’ve been better to use more cornflour/oil but that was all I had at the time. When the texture felt right I mixed in lots of glitter.

I put the snow into our water/sand table and added some Arctic (and a couple of white, but not-so-Arctic) animals into the tubs. I also had some spoons, forks and small tubs to hand as I knew they would be wanted sooner or later. The children really liked the snow. They picked it up, felt how smooth it was, squashed it, felt how it crumbled but how they could also press it into a shape as long as they were gentle. They scooped it into tubs, made snow-castles and talked about the different types of animals. We had also been to the library and picked up a couple of books about snow and winter, so I showed them some pictures from one of the books and we talked about what real snow is like whilst they played.

The other great thing about the snow is that it is just sweeps/hoovers straight up off the floor, so very easy to clean up afterwards.