Rainy Days

Posted on Feb 14, 2017 in Just For Fun
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With so many rainy days at the moment we can’t let them get us down, instead we’ve been letting the rain give us some ideas for crafts and activities. We made rain sticks using a plastic bottle, twigs and rice. The kids loved snapping the twigs and posting them into the bottles then trying to find the best way to put the rice in the bottle. Then when all the items were inside they decorated the outside with some colourful pens and then they were all ready for a good shake! Another activity we did was a raindrop counting game. We had rain clouds with numbers in and lots of paper rain drops, and the children had to stick the correct number of raindrops under each cloud. Our final rain activity for this week was a rain drop mobile craft. We stuck cotton wool onto cloud shapes to make the clouds fluffy (like we see them in the sky), and tied on rain drops which were either painted blue or made blue by sticking on blue tissue paper.