Rolling, Floating and Sinking

Posted on Jun 21, 2016 in Just For Fun
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Today we did some rolling, floating and sinking experiments. We collected some items together, we had some wheeled toys, some little balls, a bottle, a lime, an onion,a carrot and a stick of rhubarb.
First of all we tried rolling all the items with a ramp (made using the tuff tray and stand). All of the items rolled down the ramp except for the rhubarb, which needed to be pushed all the way down. Some of the items rolled a bit too well and bounced off the end of the tray and kept rolling.
Then we took the items to the water table and put them in one at a time. We looked at which things stayed floating on top of the water, which ones sank down to the bottom, and which one was too big to fit properly (the rhubarb again). Afterwards we rolled them all down the ramp again to dry them off :o)