Shaving Foam Marbling

Posted on Feb 2, 2016 in Just For Fun, Painting
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We haven’t tried shaving foam marbling for a while so we gave it a go on the tuff tray today. It was great doing it on the tuff tray as we had the foam/paint mix on one side and could easily transfer the wet pictures to the other side. First of all we squirted out the shaving foam, and added some drops of a couple of different colours of paint. Then, taking some thin paint brushes, we mixed the paint and shaving foam together. When its mixed up a little, we pressed a piece of paper down on top of the foam, pulled it off, scraped off the excess foam and were left with some beautiful pictures! We added more foam and paint as needed throughout.
Also, once we had done making pictures the paint could be easily spread out on the tray for a nice sensory/mark making time.