Thanksgiving Crafts

Posted on Nov 27, 2014 in Crafts, Just For Fun, Painting


This week we have been doing some thanksgiving crafts. First we made some turkey puppets, with some feather shapes stuck onto a circle of card, and then the whole thing stuck onto a wooden stick. I thought it would be nice to do lots of these as flowers in the spring and stick them into a pretend garden or display.

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The next craft we did was some pine cone painting, with the resulting painted paper being used to make the feathers for a paper turkey. I had seen this on No Time For Flash Cards and knew the children would love it. We have an abundance of pine cones after we went collecting them last week, so we used a few for this. I cut one side off a cereal box, put the paper in the box and the paint on the paper, then let the children put the pine cones in and start tilting the box round to spread the paint! They really enjoyed doing it. Once their paper was covered they wanted to paint inside the box and use the glitter, and this worked really well at containing the glitter so I must remember this for the future! Back to the pinecone-painted paper – we stuck the turkey’s body onto the paper, and the eyes, beak and wattle. Then when the paint was dry I cut out the shape of the turkeys feathers.

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Finally, I printed off some Thanksgiving cards from Activity Village and the children used some wonderful colours to colour them in. During these crafts we talked about what harvest was and listed as many vegetables as we could think of, and that Thanksgiving is a celebration of all these wonderful foods.