Day Time Activity
Monday AM Visit to park, play on playground equipment
Snack Apple flapjack
AM At park – nature walk to search for animals/bugs/pond life
Lunch Roast chicken with potatoes, broccoli and carrots
PM Play with soft toys, dolls, cars, Lego
Snack Selection of berries: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries plus yoghurt
PM Free play with children’s choice of toys
Tuesday AM Active Play group including snack of wholemeal toast and banana
Lunch Wholemeal pasta with cheese sauce and mixed veg
PM Painting
Snack Carrot, cucumber and pepper sticks with humus
  PM Outdoor play in the garden
Wednesday AM Short walk in the park
Snack Banana/apple/orange and digestive biscuits
AM Story/Song Time at library
Lunch Beef casserole with carrots and mashed potatoes
PM Playing with salt-dough and moulding shapes to be baked
Snack Cheese and crackers
PM Playing with small world figures, princess castle and pirate ship
Thursday AM Baking fairy cakes
Snack Melon and breadsticks
AM Drawing/colouring in
Lunch Leek and potato soup with wholemeal bread fingers
PM Outdoor play in garden
Snack Children-made fairy cakes and choice of fruit
PM Songs with musical instruments
Friday AM Dressing up and related stories, e.g. princess, doctor, animals
Snack Cheese twists
AM Outdoor play in the garden then helping to make lunch
Lunch Wholemeal pitta bread pizzas and salad
PM Crafts, collage making with various materials
Snack Dried cranberries, mango and apricot and breadsticks
PM Free play with children choice of toys/crafts