Watercolour Bubble Painting

Posted on Sep 3, 2014 in Just For Fun, Painting
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When Amber was in nursery I remember her coming home one day with a painting they had done using bubbles. Since we had been playing with the bubbles I thought we could have a go at doing some watercolour bubble paintings. So I put some watercolours in a bowl with some bubble mixture and let the girls give it a good mix up to make some bubbles. Then I cut some small pieces of paper and got them to press the paper gently onto the bubbles, pull it off and then left them to dry. They then made bigger bubbles by blowing into the mixture with straws and pressed the paper on again. I’m not sure what we got wrong but sadly the bubble shapes didn’t stay on the paper once they were dry (maybe I didn’t put enough paint in), but the girls still had fun doing it.