Weaving with Wool

Posted on Aug 14, 2014 in Crafts
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Yesterday we tried some weaving with wool and mini cocktail sticks. I thought the cocktail sticks would be good to start with for Amber to get the hang of weaving rather than larger sticks. I did the first part for her, this involved tying a double knot in the wool while the sticks were side by side, then opening out the sticks and winding the wool round the knot a few times, turning the sticks and winding the wool round a few times more.

Then to start the actual weaving. I said it would probably be best if she numbered the sticks in her head (e.g. 1 for the stick in the north position, 2 for the stick in the east position and so on). Then, she should always wind the wool round the same number stick. So she wound the wool round stick number 1, and then turned the sticks so that stick 2 was now in the 1 position, and wound the wool round again, and then carried on turning the sticks and winding the wool round stick number 1. There is a difference in the outcome depending on whether you wind the wool behind the stick or in front of the stick, and Amber tended to switch between the two. Later on when she did more weaves with bigger sticks she started to stay winding the wool the same way round the stick each time. The results are very cute and lovely to hang up or give as presents.